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How All About Games Consulting created a one-stop shop for board game services [sponsored]

Launched in the depths of the Covid-19 pandemic, All About Games Consulting has swiftly grown from offering manufacturing and sales support to become a one-stop shop for board game business services. In this sponsored article, AAGC co-founder Cedric Delobelle explains how the company has quickly expanded to fill a gap in the industry, sets straight some assumptions about what a consultant actually does, and talks about why smart sales rather than pushy ones will always win out.

Four years after leaving Asmodee, Dead of Winter creator Plaid Hat is finally free to do things its own way

Four years have passed since Plaid Hat creator Colby Dauch bought back the Dead of Winter studio from Asmodee - but an exclusivity deal signed as part of the exit has put limits on what the newly-independent studio has been able to experiment with. That deal expired ten days ago - and Dauch has wasted no time in spreading Plaid Hat's wings for its first-ever foray into crowdfunding, with the launch of its latest narrative-fuelled Crossroads game, Wandering Galaxy, set to go live on Kickstarter in the summer.