The 2023 Spiel des Jahres nominees are being announced on this livestream

Nominees for the board game industry’s biggest award, the Spiel des Jahres, are being revealed on a livestream next week.

The stream, which can be viewed here, will unveil candidates for the 2023 Spiel des Jahres – the game of the year – which tends to be won by games that can be played together by families.

The Kinderspiel des Jahres – children’s game of the year – and Kennerspiel des Jahres award aimed at games for more experienced players, will also have their nominees revealed on the stream.

Since it was launched in 1978, the Spiel des Jahres has provided huge sales boosts for its winners and nominees.

Games feted as potential candidates for the main award this year include Akropolis and Flamecraft, while Dorfromantik: The Board Game has also been cited as a contender by forum users on BoardGameGeek.

Cascadia by Randy Flynn triumphed in last year’s awards, ahead of Oink Games’ card game Scout and party game Top Ten.

Last year’s Kennerspiel went to Living Forest, while the very highly-regarded Dune: Imperium picked up a nomination alongside deduction game Cryptid.

The award winners are chosen by a panel of Germany-speaking board game critics, who assess games released in the preceding 12 months.

Winners of the three awards will be announced from 6pm on July 16.

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