Czech Games Edition to shine a light on its creative process in 8-part documentary

Czech Games Edition, the publisher behind board games including Codenames, Through the Ages and Lost Ruins of Arnak, is releasing an eight-part documentary delving into how it made the most notable games in its 16-year history.

The documentary features interviews with CGE co-founder and legendary designer Vlaada Chvátil, industry notaries such as Dice Tower creator Tom Vasel and others including The Big Bang Theory actor Kevin Sussman.

Czech Games was created in 2007 after a group of friends worked together on the first edition of Through the Ages, and realised board game design was what they wanted to do for a living.

The company released its first game, Galaxy Trucker, the same year, and has since published more than 40 games and expansions including Space Alert, Last Will, Tzolk’in and Pictomania.

CGE focuses on publishing the games of Czech and Slovak authors such as Vlaada Chvátil, Vladimír Suchý, Matúš Kotry, Ondra Skoupý, Tomáš “Uhlík” Uhlíř, and designer couple Mín and Elwen.

A trailer for the documentary series is available to watch on YouTube, with full episodes set for release on the following dates:

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