Looping Games co-founder leaves to launch new company Kokorin Games

Perepau Llistosella, the co-founder of Spanish board game publisher Looping Games, has left the company to launch his new business Kokorin Games.

Looping said Ferran Renalias, the designer of Looping games including 1998: ISS and 1902: Méliès, would take on Llistosella’s role at the company.

Llistosella launched Looping in 2013 alongside artist Pedro Soto, founding the company to publish their debut game 1911 Amundsen vs Scott – an asymmetric card-based game recreating the race to become the first humans to reach the south pole.

Soto is still an integral part of the team as illustrator and graphic designer, and the firm also employs Pako Cantarero as international manager and systems specialist.

At Kokorin Llistosella is planning a trio of releases this year based around George Orwell’s novel 1984.

A statement from Looping about Llistosella’s departure said, “We are very happy with his new career and we wish him the best of luck, although realistically… we know that luck is something he will not need.”

Looping’s releases last year included 1902 Méliès, a game about making films at the birth of cinema. The company’s highest ranked game on BoardGameGeek is 2017 release Fantasy Realms, at 250th position with almost 15,000 ratings.

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