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How we made Wyrmspan: Designer Connie Vogelmann on creating 2024’s hottest game so far

Stonemaier Games' big reveal of Wyrmspan - a new game "in the world of Wingspan" - last week might have descended like a dragon out of the blue, but it's no surprise Elizabeth Hargrave's hugely lauded 2019 design is getting a spiritual successor. The task of designing "Wingspan with dragons" was given to Apiary creator Connie Vogelmann - but as she explains in this Q&A interview, the new game is far more than just a reskin of its feathery predecessor.

“Influencer impact was judged to be quite high. I think that tide is receding”: Alderac’s veteran COO on how to master board game crowdfunding

Alderac's veteran COO Ryan Dancey has managed more than 20 crowdfunding campaigns during his long career - and is currently overseeing another Kickstarter success with Wingspan designer Elizabeth Hargrave's latest offering, Undergrove. In this in-depth guide he picks out every aspect of the crowdfunding process designers and publishers need to nail in order to run a successful campaign.