Wyrmspan soars to top of new owner rankings for February, Stonesaga clinches most wishlisted | BGG Stats

Wyrmspan, the dragon-themed successor to Stonemaier Games’ bestselling board game Wingspan, topped the charts for most new owners on BoardGameGeek last month after a huge launch campaign.

Stonemaier saw a huge buzz around Wyrmspan when it announced the game at the start of January, and revealed it had printed a hefty 100,000 copies for what was its biggest-ever launch a month later.

Stonemaier president Jamey Stegmaier said on February 2 that the company had sold more than 16,000 copies from its website within 24 hours, with another 75,000-plus copies heading out to distribution and retailers.

That huge opening salvo of sales saw Wyrmspan registered by more than 3,200 new owners on BoardGameGeek in February according to data collected by user Igor Larchenko, well ahead of second-placed Canvas, which has just finished its Kickstarter fulfillment.

Serious Poulp’s post-apocalyptic cooperative exploration and adventure game The 7th Citadel was third with just over 1,900 new owners, closely followed by ISS Vanguard on 1,869 – both of which are also in the final stages of fulfilling delivery of their crowdfunding campaigns.

Wingspan was in fifth place, perhaps partly through a Wyrmspan-related bump. The game had previously topped the new owner charts in January, possibly due to a rise in sales and gifting over the Christmas period.

Evergreen popular titles Azul, Cascadia, 7 Wonders Duel, Catan made up the rest of the top ten alongside Heat: Pedal to the Metal, which appears to be joining the ranks of perennial consistent seller.

In the most-wishlisted games in February, Open Owl Studios scored both first and third place with Stonesaga, a co-op survival and crafting campaign created by former FFG designers Max Brooke and Luke Eddy, and its more “cosy” adventure and town-building game Mythwind.

Dead Cells: The Rogue-Lite Board Game was in second place, while other high performers included World Order, Hegemonic Project Games’ follow-up to last year’s well-regarded political and economic simulator Hegemony: Lead Your Class to Victory.

New Owners Top 10, February 2024

  1. Wyrmspan (2024) +3,229
  2. Canvas (2021) +2,193
  3. The 7th Citadel (2024) +1,923
  4. ISS Vanguard (2023) +1,869 
  5. Wingspan (2019) +1,830
  6. Azul (2017) +1,762
  7. 7 Wonders Duel (2015) +1,627
  8. Cascadia (2021) +1,601
  9. Catan (1995) +1,507
  10. Heat: Pedal to the Metal (2022) +1,465

Wishlist Additions, February 2024

  1. Stonesaga (2024) +848
  2. Dead Cells: The Rogue-Lite Board Game (2024) +706
  3. Mythwind (2024) +664
  4. World Order (2024) +629
  5. Aqua: Biodiversity in the Oceans (2024) +469
  6. Floe (2024) +466
  7. Harrow County: The Game of Gothic Conflict (2024) +451
  8. Wyrmspan (2024) +443
  9. Arkham Horror: The Card Game – The Feast of Hemlock Vale: Campaign Expansion (2024) +405
  10. Imperium: Horizons (2024) +344

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