Weird City Games signs sales, marketing deal with US major Publisher Services Inc

Weird City Games, the board game maker launched by Wonderland’s War designer Tim Eisner, has signed up with US sales and marketing specialist Publisher Services Inc as it prepares to launch its latest game Leaf.

PSI works with publishers and game manufacturers including Asmodee USA, Wizards of the Coast, Bezier Games, Stronghold Games, Indie Boards & Cards, Czech Games Edition and Restoration Games, among others.

The company will manage and lead sales, marketing, and logistics for Weird City’s product portfolio for worldwide sales following the deal.

Weird City published debut game March of the Ants, an ant colony-building strategy game designed by Tim Eisner and Ryan Swisher, in 2015. It followed that with rainforest-themed card drafting and set collection game Canopy in 2021.

The company’s upcoming game Leaf is currently available for pre-order, shipping in October. The company raised close to $200,000 from nearly 3,500 backers for its Kickstarter edition of the game in October last year.

Leaf, designed by Tim Eisner, sees 1 to 4 players guide leaves to the forest floor, with each other leaf it touches granting actions to create a thriving forest. Players will vie to attract woodland animals, grow mushrooms, lead helpful squirrels up the great tree, and gain additional leaf cards and sun tokens, with the winner being whoever contributes most to the health of the forest.

Eisner is also the designer of the very well received Wonderland’s War, which has been nominated in three categories for the latest Golden Geek Awards.

He said, “PSI is the best company in their space, and we can’t wait to work with their incredible team to help bring our games to new board gamers and retailers.”

PSI co-owner Mike Krause added, “Weird City Games is a fantastically creative and smart organization with a mission of fun and social responsibility. We are excited and grateful for the opportunity to represent them. Our collaboration will be great for both independent hobby retailers and customers.

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