Green Games Guide goes live to help tabletop industry become sustainable

A group of board game publishers, designers, manufacturers and players have banded together to create a new guide designed to help tabletop game makers reduce their impact on the environment.

Version 1.0 of the Green Games Guide, which was launched earlier today, calls out the multiple ways the modern board game industry contributes to environmental destruction, including using wasteful amounts of unrecycleable components and choosing overly large box sizes.

The guide provides advice and guidance for minimising and eliminating carbon emissions, reducing, resusing and recycling materials and boosting recognition of workers rights and local cultures.

A statement on the Green Games Guide website says, “

Let’s state the obvious: the climate and environmental crisis is an urgent and deadly planetary threat.
This is the greatest challenge of human history. A race against time which requires all of us, working in every possible sector, to radically change the way we think about our work and our daily life.

The Green Games Guide is our response to this crisis. It contains concrete, actionable steps that all of us can take – manufacturers, publishers, designers, players, and others who are part of the board and card games world.

The volunteers who created the guide include Quantum designer Eric Zimmerman, Hachette Boardgames USA sales director T Caires , and Carlos Flores a senior climate change and sustainability expert by day, and a game designer by night.

You can read the full Green Games Guide by clicking here.

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