American Mensa picks its five Select award winners for 2023

Ancient Greek architecture and knocking kittens off beds both triumphed among this year’s games singled out for distinction by American Mensa.

Judges picked up tile-stacking citybuilder Akropolis and abstract cat-focused Boop among the five winners of the Mensa Select seal for 2023.

Flower-themed tableau builder Gartenbau, Reiner Knizia glass-making game Mille Fiori and Trekking Through History also picked up the honour, which allows them to display the Mensa Select deal on their packaging.

This year’s winners were picked by about 400 Mensans across four days of gaming at the Mind Games event in Columbus, Ohio between April 20th and 23rd.

The Mensa Select seal aims to indicate that a game is “original in concept, challenging, and well-designed”, according to Mensa, as well as good value for money, easy to comprehend and play, and fun.

Akropolis is manufactured by Hachette Boardgames, Boop by Smirk & Dagger Games, Gartenbau by 25th Century Games, Mille Fiori by Devir Games and Trekking Through History by Underdog Games.

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