Duelling cafés board game Fika coming to North America

Two-player café conflict simulator Fika is coming to North America after publisher Board Game Circus agreed a deal with Atlanta-based 25th Century Games.

25th Century said the game will be available for preorder soon and purchaseable from its booth at the Origins Game Fair between June 21st and June 25th.

Fika sees players take control of competing cafés attempting to outearn each other through playing cards and manipulating those played by your opponent.

The game, which features art from Wingspan and Viticulture illustrator Beth Sobel, is named for the Swedish concept of making time to share a hot drink and a snack with friends.

Fika, which takes about 20 minutes per game, currently has a 6.2 rating on BoardGameGeek from 90 players.

The game was recently nominated for the Mensa Germany Mind Spielepreis in the two-player games category.

Other games in 25th Century’s stable include the new edition of Reiner Knizia classic Ra, BoardGameGeek Golden Geek Awards nominee Resist! and strategic roll-and-write Motor City, about running a car plant in Detroit’s heyday.

Germany-based Board Game Circus has also published German language versions of games including Endeavour: Age of Sail, Walking in Burano and Creature Comforts.

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