Earth takes top spot as new owners continue to pile up | BGG Stats

Ecosystem engine-builder board game Earth picked up the most new owners in April according to BoardGameGeek stats collated by user Igor Larchenko.

More than 3,700 site users registered as owners of Earth over the last month, up from about 2,900 in March. That rise was enough to see Earth take the top spot from Star Wars The Deckbuilding game, which fell out of the top 100 entirely after having picked up an impressive 4,720 new owners last month.

Earth, a huge success for publisher Inside Up Games, was nearing completion of its Kickstarter fulfillment towards the end of last month, with 85% of the process complete as of April 21.

Reiner Knizia’s Ra came in second place for new owners in April with about 1,900, largely thanks to the new Kickstarter edition by 25th Century Games reaching fulfillment.

Hegemony: Lead Your Class to Victory was in third place with 1,836 new owners, just ahead of perennial favourite Wingspan which added 1,804.

Darwin’s Journey put on another 1,573 owners to add to the 1,042 it picked up last month, while Cascadia, Ark Nova, Frosthaven and Azul continued to hold spots in the top 10.

Earth also led the way for the total number of new wishlist entries from BGG users, being added by another 915 people. Ierusalem: Anno Domino was second on 499 and Hegemony third on 417.

Owners Top 100 April

1)  Earth +3776 
2)  Ra +1901
3)  Hegemony: Lead Your Class to Victory +1836
4)  Wingspan +1804
5)  Darwin’s Journey +1607
6)  Cascadia +1573
7)  Ark Nova +1470
8)  Azul +1424
9)  7 Wonders Duel +1396
10)  Frosthaven +1290 

Wishlist April

1) Earth +915
2) Ierusalem: Anno Domini +499
3) Hegemony: Lead Your Class to Victory +417
4) Distilled +369
5) Worldbreakers: Advent of the Khanate +313


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