Pax Renaissance publisher Ion Game Design set to reveal new game involving dinosaurs

Ion Game Design, the Swedish publisher of games including Pax Renaissance and High Frontier 4 All, has shared a dinosaur-based teaser for a new game.

The company has brought in veteran writer and illustrator Johan Egerkrans to work on the project alongside game designer Jon Manker, who has previously worked on Ion games including High Frontier 4 All, Bios: Megafauna and the board game adaptation of Paradox Interactive video game Crusader Kings.

Manker and Egerkrans are set to reveal more details about the game to the Friends of Ion Members Club on May 15, with Egerkrans showing off some of his artwork.

Stockholm-based Ion provides digital gatherings in a private Discord channel and on Tabletop Simulator, as well as physical get-togethers at its office, although it is currently unclear whether the May 15 meeting will have an online component.

The company accepts sign-up requests for the Friends of Ion Members Club online here:

Ion tweeted, “So. The cat’s outta da bag. Or the pointy tooth puppers called dinosaurs. It’s official, we are collaborating with Johan Egerkrans – and it’s going to be freggin awesomely epic. tiny T-rex hands waving eagerly with anticipation

If you’re a member of the Friends of Ion Members Club you can meet The Mr Egerkrans himself on Monday May 15th and he’ll show you his artwork.

@jonmanker, the designer of the game part of the game, will be spilling the beans. Plus, there’ll be fika. So. You know. Yum.

Ion Game Design Twitter account @iongamedesign

The company included an eight second video in one of the tweets showing Egerkrans and a still image of the dinosaur, which is the header image of this article.

Egerkrans previously illustrated board game Odins Ravens in 2002 and its second edition in 2016, and his book about Scandinavian folklore creature Vaesen was turned into a roleplaying game published by Free League Publishing.

His website bio states that he is “obsessed with paleontology”, and has made four books on the subject to date.

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