More than 40,000 users! Thank you for supporting BoardGameWire as we head into our August break

Just a quick post to say thank you so much to everyone who has read, supported and chatted with BoardGameWire since our official launch at the start of May this year.

We’re overwhelmed that close to 42,000 of you have visited our site in that time, to keep up to date with important board game industry news that isn’t being reported elsewhere.

When I launched the site three months ago I couldn’t have imagined how rapidly its readership would grow, despite my belief that the board game industry is now large enough to warrant, and deserve, professional news coverage that goes further than simply showing off the latest games.

Despite being a one-person operation squeezed in around my day job and taking care of my two children, BoardGameWire has managed to run a string of exclusive news, features and interviews – including:

Despite its early success, though, BoardGameWire isn’t sustainable without outside backing. Thank you so much to those of you who have already become paid subscribers of our Substack email newsletter and our Patreon – your early support has been vital to making sure we can continue producing high quality reporting about board game industry issues that are being overlooked elsewhere.

If you’ve enjoyed reading something on the website and think this is the sort of board games coverage you’d like to see survive and thrive, committing just a few dollars or pounds per month, or whatever you can afford, will help keep the lights on and expand what we’re able to achieve in terms of reporting on the industry. Links for the regular Subtack email newsletter and Patreon are here:

BoardGameWire is going on a break until the end of August so I can spend the school holidays with my children, but we’ll be back in September. Please consider supporting us in the mean time, to help this site continue to grow as a home for professional board game journalism.

Have a great summer!

Mike Didymus-True, BoardGameWire Editor

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