Lucky Duck Games to launch visually redesigned Food Chain Magnate special edition on Gamefound

Lucky Duck Games has agreed a deal with Food Chain Magnate creator Splotter Spellen to launch a Gamefound campaign for a special edition of the brain-burning fast food restaurant management game.

The 1950s-set heavy strategy game sees players running restaurants competing to deliver burgers, pizzas and drinks to residential homes, as well as hiring and managing staff using a card-based system.

The new edition includes a “complete visual overhaul” but identical rules according to Lucky Duck’s Az Drummond, who said the campaign will include both the base game and The Ketchup Mechanism & Other Ideas.

Wheeler said, “We plan to make significant enhancements to the game’s components including the addition of miniatures for the restaurants, marketing tokens, and houses plus a new milestone tracker and storage solution as part of the box.”

The special edition, which will be English language only, is planned as a one-off print run and will not go into retail.

Food Chain Magnate has been notoriously tricky for players to buy over the years, with limited print runs from small Dutch publisher Splotter.

The Gamefound campaign is planned to begin on November 14, with a page due to go live here within the next 24 hours.

Food Chain Magnate is currently ranked at number 38 on BoardGameGeek, with an 8.1 rating.

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