Worms board game still on schedule despite Team17 restructuring, Mantic Games CEO says

The board game adaptation of classic video game Worms remains on track for its delivery to Kickstarter backers next year despite the announced restructuring of development partner Team17.

Mantic Games raised more than £530,000 last month in the crowdfunding campaign for Worms: The Board Game, which looks to bring weapon-toting worms made famous in the video game series to the tabletop.

More than 5,800 backers are expecting delivery of the project in August next year – a target which has not shifted following Team17 entering a period of consultation over expected job losses.

Mantic Games CEO Ronnie Renton told BoardGameWire, “The Kickstarter campaign outperformed our expectations. Mantic is now getting on with making the tabletop game, ahead of shipping to the backers.

“Delivery of the board game is still in line with the original schedule, and we can see no reasons, at this time, to make us think otherwise.”

Eurogamer reported yesterday that about 50 roles were under threat at UK-based Team17, largely in the company’s QA department.

The company later confirmed it had entered into a period of consultation alongside the “amicable” departure of CEO Michael Pattison after two years with the business.

Last year Team17 promised a pay review and other positive action for employees in the wake of criticism from staff of its working conditions via a Eurogamer special report.

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