Eggertspiele, Spielworxx founders team up to launch debut Sea Cove Games title Carolingi

The founders of German board game publishers Eggertspiele and Spielworxx have launched Carolingi, the first title under their new joint publishing company Sea Cove Games.

Peter Eggert, who created Eggertspiele in 1996, and Spielworxx’s Uli Blennemann are about a third of the way to their €25,000 goal for debut Sea Cove Game Carolingi through a Gamefound crowdfunding campaign.

Carolingi, designed by history teacher Sebastian Freudenberg and prolific game designer Christophe Cantzler, is set in the ninth century, in the wake of the death of the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne.

Players take on the role of Charlemagne’s grandchildren – the Carolingi – as they fight over his vast realm, using a bag-based action selection system to control areas of the map, unite regions, develop their realms, attract followers and gain glory.

Eggert brought the game to Blenneman due to his experience with historical games, having publised titles including Arkwright, The Virgin Queen and John Company through Spielworxx.

Eggert’s own significant experience in board games includes publishing Spiel des Jahres winner Camel Up, Kennerspiel winner Village and Alexander Pfister designs Great Western Trail and Mombasa.

He left Eggertspiel in 2020, three years after the company was taken over by Plan B Games. A year after that Plan B was scooped up by Asmodee as part of its frenetic acquisitions spree under the ownership of private equity investor PAI Partners.

Eggert is also part of Deep Print Games, the publisher launched in 2020 as a who’s who of German board game industry. Its team also includes Pegasus Spiele’s Karsten Esser and Andreas Finkernagel, ex-Eggertspiele and Plan B designer Philipp El Alaoui, and Viktor Kobilke and Matthias Nagy from Frosted Games.

Carolingi’s campaign is set to run for another 21 days.

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