The long-running board game industry podcast from Ignacy Trzewiczek and Stephen Buonocore has left Dice Tower for BoardGameGeek

Board Games Insider, the long-running industry podcast created by former Stronghold Games president Stephen Buonocore and Portal Games president Ignacy Trzewiczek, has left its home on the Dice Tower Network to join BoardGameGeek.

Buonocore and Trzewiczek have been providing their regular takes on the inner workings of the board game industry through more than 300 episodes of the podcast since February 2015, when their debut show took a look at whether it was worth it for publishers to attend the giant toy fair in Nuremberg, Germany.

More recently the pair have been joined on the cast by Corey Thompson, who has just stepped down from his role as the long-time host of the Dice Tower podcast Dice Tower Now. He is also the executive producer of comedy board game YouTube channel Above Board TV.

Board Games Insider is targeted at listeners who are already part of the board games industry, or who are interested in working in the sector, with a focus on “unravelling the onion” to highlight the inner workings of the business side of board gaming.

Buonocore said on the podcast that new episodes of Board Games Insider will now appear on the front page of BoardGameGeek each week.

He said, “We’ll expand our audience – that’s the purpose of the whole thing, nothing against Dice Tower, we just want to, you know, continue to increase what we do for our fans out there.”

BoardGameWire reported earlier this week that BoardGameGeek’s annual end-of-year support drive had fallen short of its target again, with the number of supporters pledging payment to the site during the event dropping for the third year in a row.

BGG co-founder Scott Alden said during the 2023 support drive that the paid support allows it to continue producing its audio, video and written content including Game Night, the BoardGameGeek Podcast and BoardGameGeek News.

BoardGameWire approached Alden for comment on the figures, and to ask whether missing its target again would have any impact on the site’s video and podcast offerings, but did not receive a response.

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