Hachette takes over Super Meeple US distribution rights from Asmodee USA

Sky Team and Decrypto publisher Hachette has agreed a deal to distribute Parisian board game company Super Meeple’s games in the US, taking over from Asmodee USA.

Asmodee USA had signed an exclusive worldwide English language distribution agreement with Super Meeple in the summer of 2021, bringing the company’s entire library of titles into the Asmodee catalogue.

Super Meeple, which was launched in 2014, says it has “embarked on a mission to revitalize gaming classics”, including visual enhancements, rules refinements, and improving the quality of materials.

Hachette will kick off the partnership by bringing Wolfgang Kramer design Expeditions: Around the World to the US market this year. The game is a reimplementation of Kramer’s 1996 design Expeditions, which is itself heavily based on Kramer and his wife Ursula’s game Wildlife Adventure from 1985.

Super Meeple’s publishing catalogue also includes Michael Kiesling and Wolfgang Kramer’s Spiel des Jahres winner Tikal, the pair’s Java remake Cuzco, and Nicolas De Oliveira design Colors of Paris.

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