No Rolls Barred scraps Twitch channel after three-month deal expires

No Rolls Barred, a group of board game entertainment video makers with more than 300,000 YouTube subscribers, has scrapped its three month-old Twitch channel after failing to pull enough fans across from its other outlets.

Presenter Holly Musgrave announced the news in NRB’s most recent Twitch video, titled Goodbye Twitch, alongside regular co-host Blair Shepperd.

She said, “We had a three month contract with twitch which is now over, for us to have a good go on Twitch to see if we could, you know, move a lot of our youtube audience over.

“We gave twitch a good go – we’re both twitch streamers ourselves – and I think for us it just makes more sense to move over to YouTube because most of our community is there, we’re nearly at 300,000 subscribers.

“…that’s one of the reasons why we’re going over there, another is that it means we can upload things as [videos on demand], things go up as VODs immediately, so it means they will stay up there as well, which is good.”

None of the NRB Twitch channel’s videos are available on VOD except the final two.

NRB amassed an impressive 12,200 followers on Twitch during its three-month stint on the channel – well above the single-digit thousands even the most popular board game Twitch streamers such as Watch It Played and Banzainator manage.

But that is far below the vast number of YouTube subscribers the channel commands. NRB’s Let’s Play video from yesterday, Stop The Train, has already pulled in 68,000 views, while last week’s Let’s Play Funemployed has 96,000 – compared to about 3,300 for its final Twitch video.

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