Codenames gets DACH region distribution boost through strengthened Asmodee Germany, HeidelBÄR Games partnership

Asmodee Germany and HeidelBÄR Games have expanded their distribution partnership for Vlaada Chvátil’s Codenames family of games across Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

The pair have been in partnership for some time, with Asmodee Germany distributing HeidelBÄR Games including Codenames in the country.

HeidelBÄR CEO Heiko Eller-Bilz said, “Asmodee Germany reaches target groups and markets that HeidelBÄR Games has not been able to reach so far.

“This cooperation opens up new opportunities for the distribution of distribution of Codenames and strengthens our position in the market.”

Asmodee previously owned HeidelBÄR Games from 2017 to 2019, when the company spun out as an independent entity.

Codenames publisher Czech Games Edition announced in October 2019 that HeidelBÄR would take care of German language localizations of its titles including Through the Ages, Galaxy Trucker, Dungeon Lords and Pictomania – but added at the time that the German edition of Codenames would continue to be distributed by Asmodee Germany.

Eller-Bilz added, “We have big plans ahead for Codenames, so fans can look forward to an exciting development of the product line.”

The Codenames family of games currently includes the original title as well as Codenames Duet, Codenames Pictures and Codenames Undercover.


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