Diana Jones Award emerging designer program offers marginalised creators up to $4,000 Gen Con financial package, free accommodation

Tabletop game designers from marginalised communities stand a chance to present their work at Gen Con thanks to a hefty financial package being offered by the Diana Jones Award Emerging Designer Program.

The award looks to provide access and support to designers “that have historically been excluded from the larger industry conversations”.

Selected finalists will receive a free badge and hotel room at Gen Con, up to $2,000 travel reimbursement for both domestic and international travel, a $75 per day food stipend, a $2,000 honorarium for presenting their work, and a prize package of game design resources.

Eligible designers should have released their first professional or commercial publication within the last three years – including free, self-published, pay-what-you-want and PDF releases.

The award interprets “hobby game designer” to include both narrative and game mechanics design.

A statement from the Diana Jones Award about the program said, “While we recognize this program is only a first step in that process, our organization is committed to pushing forward, learning from mistakes, and improving the industry we love.”

Last year’s winners included Kayla Dice, the creator of combat trick-taker Transgender Deathmatch Legend, and Erin Williams, who wrote the adventure “Written In Blood” and created its location, Godsbreath, for D&D adventure anthology Journeys through the Radiant Citadel.

Designers interested in applying for the program can do so by filling out the Google form here, and including a short bio and statement about their work and two or three PDF samples from different projects.

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