Uwe Rosenberg is teaming up with scientists to develop a quantum tech-themed board game, thanks to €820,000 of government funding

Revered board game design veteran Uwe Rosenberg is leading development of a game about quantum technologies, which is being funded to help teach about the workings of research laboratories.

Germany’s Federal Ministry for Education and Research is providing €820,000 to fund the project, which is being co-developed by quantum researchers from the Technical University of Braunschweig, Stuttgart-based physics education specialist Professor Ronny Nawrodt, and Berlin-based Professor Jens Junge and his team from the Institute of Ludology.

The QUANTista project team aims to help present new quantum technologies in an entertaining way and publicise associated jobs, in the hope of influencing older children and adults to consider working in the sector.

Project coordinator Professor Stefanie Kroker from TU Braunschweig said, “First and foremost, of course, the game should be playable and fun.

“But when you consider how many people know what a settlement in Catan costs, there’s no lack of learning while playing and having fun.”

Veteran German game designer Rosenberg scored early success with card game Bohnanza while still a student in 1997, before launching German publisher Lookout Spiele in 2000.

His biggest hits include worker placement staple Agricola, formerly the highest-rated game on BoardGameGeek, heavy euros such as A Feast For Odin, and the hugely popular two-player tile-laying game Patchwork.

The first concept and design versions of QUANTista will be tested by game groups as early as next year, with publisher Skellig Games using the feedback to produce 3,000 demonstration copies for game fairs and cafes.

Skellig is looking to make the game a permanent product after the end of the project, which will run until May 2027.

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