The White Castle tops October new owner charts after powerful Essen Spiel showing | BGG Stats

Edo-period Japan worker placement game The White Castle has surged to the top of the new owner charts on BoardGameGeek after a much-hyped appearance at this year’s Essen Spiel board game fair.

Almost 3,700 BGG users added the game to their collections in October according to data regularly collated by user Igor Larchenko – streets ahead of the roughly 2,400 put on by surprise second place game Mountain Goats, a 2010 design which has suddenly picked up a surge of new owners.

Heat: Pedal to the Metal retained third place from last month, despite adding a huge number of new owners – about 2,300, compared to just shy of 1,500 in September.

Last month’s first place game, The Castles of Burgundy: Special Edition, fell out of the top ten entirely, while Voidfall dropped from second to sixth spot, just behind fellow Mindclash Games Kickstarter success Septima.

October’s top ten newly-wishlisted games contained no survivors from the previous month. Evacuation, which sees players dismantlying their economy to move from a dying planet to a new one, soared to the top spot with more than 2,600 new additions – again on the back of major Essen Spiel excitement.

Simone Luciani and Danilo Sabia’s new worker placement game Rats of Wistar was second with 1,530 new wishlist adds, squeaking in ahead of card-driven fantasy engine-builder Evenfall on 1,501.

The White Castle also made an appearance on the wishlist chart in seventh place, with Planta Nubo and Ezra and Nehemiah also being added to significant number of wishlists

New Owners Top 10, October 2023

  1. The White Castle (2023) +3692
  2. Mountain Goats (2010) +2417
  3. Heat: Pedal to the Metal (2022) +2298
  4. Sea Salt & Paper (2022) +1959
  5. Septima (2023) +1928
  6. Voidfall (2023) +1843
  7. Expeditions (2023) +1820
  8. Azul (2017) +1775
  9. Cascadia (2021) +1772
  10. Wingspan (2019) +1764

Wishlist Additions, October 2023

  1. Evacuation (2023) +2635
  2. Rats of Wistar (2023) +1530
  3. Evenfall (2023) +1501
  4. Planta Nubo (2023) +1471
  5. Ezra and Nehemiah (2024) +1235
  6. Pirates of Maracaibo (2023) +1180
  7. The White Castle (2023) +938
  8. The Vale of Eternity (2023) +919
  9. Sky Team (2023) +863
  10. Shipyard (2nd edition) (2023) +796


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