Board game veterans to “open doors to bottomless potential” with launch of group supporting women in industry

A group of board game industry veterans have launched a new support initiative aimed at helping women who work in, or want to work in, tabletop gaming learn from and champion each other.

The Tabletop Gaming Learning Community is part of Women in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment, a non-profit organisation created more than 30 years ago to advocate for the advancement of women through leadership, networking and educational opportunities.

TLC has been launched by industry professionals including Jennifer Graham-Macht, project manager at Keymaster Games, Rose Gauntlet co-founder Lindsey Rode and Danni Loe, the marketing manager at Flat River Group.

The leadership team also include Asmodee Group US general manager Julien Sharp, 9th Level Games CEO and game designer and UNPUB managing director Heather O’Neill and Zebra Partners vice president Michele Spring Fajeau.

Graham-Macht told BoardGameWire, “In this group of women is a shared desire to grow our industry professionally and open doors to bottomless potential and untapped opportunities our futures hold.

Keymaster Games project manager Jennifer Graham-Macht

“Women in Toys is an incredible resource with a wealth of talent and knowledge both in games and toys. I hope that women in our industry will be intrigued to join and participate and leave inspired to grow in their own work, and connect with peers in games and toys. The rising tide raises all ships.

“In general, our industry is so fortunate that people can join in from any background. You don’t need a business or marketing degree to get your start.

“Also because of this fact, expertise and great practices for leveling up businesses exist in all different corners or the work we are doing.

“TLC will be a bridge for people and experiences. Women with huge and diverse background of experiences will be able to lend their insights, perspectives, and voices to each other to help grow the industry professionally, and from there, continue to welcome new gamers to the table.”

Rode added, “The idea for the Tabletop Gaming Community was born at Gen Con last year. Every year Women in Toys throws an amazing open house networking event for women working in the tabletop industry.

“It was at that event that discussions started about a more permanent group that would be created by women in the industry to support other women either working in or looking to find careers within tabletop games. Since then, this idea has continued to grow and eventually turned into the Women in Toys TLC .

“I’m honored to run this group alongside an insanely talented team of women that work in all aspects of the tabletop industry. With all that knowledge and the full support and resources of WIT behind us I think this will be a group that helps to lift the next generation of amazing women to succeed in this industry that I love so much.”

The TLC group meets on the third Thursday of each month at 2pm EST. Anyone interested in attending can register here.

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